Mon, 06 Jun 2011 08:51:05 GMT | By Jean Goon, MSN

All-new ‘Bola Kampung X’ on Cartoon Network

Football fever hits Cartoon Network with the exclusive airing of the home-grown production.

All-new ‘Bola Kampung X’ on Cartoon Network (© Courtesy of Arcis Communications)

Football has always been a favourite Malaysian pastime and now, kids can immerse themselves in even more gravity defying football action with the homegrown production 'Bola Kampung X'.

Ivan and the gang get up to their usual mischief on the series, this time facing new opponents, creating new moves and learning life lessons on and off the field. In the all-new season, Bola Kampung Football Club (BKFC) and their coach Nelly compete to qualify for the Youth Champions League competition.

'Bola Kampung X' airs on weekends at 8:00AM with season 5 rolling out in July 2011 - exclusively on the Cartoon Network (ASTRO Channel 616).

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