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The worst celebrity haircuts

When bad haircuts happen to good people, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and even Robert Pattinson

Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson and Ke$ha (© Getty Images/Rex Features)
  • Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson and Ke$ha (© Getty Images/Rex Features)
  • Lady Gaga (© Rex Features)
  • Scarlett Johansson (© Rex Features)
  • Robert Pattinson (© Rex Features)
  • Kelly Osbourne (© Getty Images)
  • Avril Lavigne (© Reuters)
  • Christina Aguilera (© Reuters)
  • Rihanna (© Rex Features)
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Hairstyles in Hollywood have never looked worse - Lady Gaga has shaved the back of her head, Miley Cyrus has gone punk and Kelly Osbourne's gone prematurely grey!

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Click through the gallery to see some shocking celebrity hair crimes, including Scarlett Johansson with a mullet. It has to be seen to be believed...

Sep 25, 2012 12:57AM
camamcamam sajer eder roang topong..... gali tancik punrut regin dapang golf Ulu REmis 
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