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MasterChef Malaysia judge slammed for overstating CV

Chef Riz, judge on MasterChef Malaysia, gets slammed for making false claims about career qualifications

Chef Riz slammed (© Facebook [MasterChef Malaysia])

Chef Wan's son, Chef Riz - who is also a judge on MasterChef Malaysia - has been slammed for overstating his CV and making false claims about his career.

Chef Riz, the youngest judge on the show, claimed to have been a "Chef de Cuisine" at celebrity Chef Mario Batali's Italian flagship restaurant Babbo in New York. He also made claims about being a "sous-chef" at Le Bernardin under Chef Eric Ripert. Both claims have been denied by Mario Batali's communications director and a Le Bernardin publicist.

Referring to his son's situation, Chef Wan wrote on his Facebook wall, "Morning I could not sleep all night after the NBC America Today show when I was told about the new of my son overstated his working experience abroad when none of that is true on the MasterChef Profile in his CV. I told him not only this is embarrassing for him likewise for me and the family but now he must apologised to the public and accept his unwise behaviour and face the consequences."

Chef Riz has since apologised and changed his profile on the "MasterChef" Malaysia website. Shooting for the series is scheduled to continue until the end of the year.

The latest update on Chef Wan's Facebook status reads, "No doubt what my son did was absolutely wrong...we are human being and of course I want him to be given a second chance. Astro try to balance the show by adding a young chef like my son who has the passion for cooking and can be and WILL BE SUCCESSFUL."

Are Chef Riz's actions of overstating his CV forgivable? Should "MasterChef" Malaysia go on? What do you think of Chef Wan's reactions? Speak to us! We would love to hear from you!

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Mar 5, 2012 8:16AM

He must be removed from the judging panel if he is still on. Imaging his judgement impartiality???

I believe he should be taken off the show bcs such people CANNOT be trusted as he lacks principles and integrity. It's sad this IS the son of Chef Wan. We expect better from someone who's so closely related to Chef Wan.
Nov 28, 2012 5:52PM

Well what to say,i a cook myself who loves wat****ll the Chef Wan shows.In this case it's not Chef Wan to be blame what can the pityful father do when his son did the wrong.Its the son who is to be blamed,may be the son would have thought Father being famous so he can bul**** a little.To loo****he wright side he should be removed but when u loo****he other side.Its like flipping the Coin he should be gven a very stern Warning and continue the show.In future Astro must do their homework first before they select anyone for their realty show.So folks out there hope you all will agree to me tq.

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