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Amber Chia and Kartini Ariffin on motherhood

Supermodel Amber Chia and “3R” television host Kartini Ariffin give insight on motherhood.

Amber Chia and Kartini Ariffin on motherhood (© Courtesy of Amber Chia)

Both are fairly new to the world of motherhood - Chia with one year old son Ashton and Ariffin with 10 month old daughter Kaseh. It was only slightly less than a year ago that Amber threw her baby boy a full moon party! Baby Ashton Wong was then already signed on as the face of a few advertising campaigns. Recently, Chia and Ariffin have become ambassadors for Huggies Dry Comfort campaign.

Chia and Ariffin appear in the Huggies Dry Comfort television advertisement, both dancing with hand gestures in front of both Ashton and Kaseh. Check out what both have to say about motherhood and also the screen shots from the advertisement!

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