Thu, 06 Sep 2012 07:54:13 GMT | By Fly FM; additional notes by Melody Oei

"Super Kampung Style" still in high gear!

What started as just a parody to the phenomenal K-Pop video by Psy titled ”Gangnam Style” turned out to be more attention grabbing than expected.

Super Kampung Style (© Fly FM)

Standing at over a million views on YouTube as of the morning of 4 Sept 2012, "Super Kampung Style" continues to garner views.

"Super Kampung Style" is the brainchild of the Producer for Pagi Rock Crew together with the Fly FM announcers. The lyrics to this parody depicts and promotes the Malaysian hometowns of the Fly FM announcers, much like how "Gangnam Style" shares the surroundings of Gangnam in South Korea, while the video is incorporated with comedic elements.

"Super Kampung Style" stars all the announcers of Fly FM namely Hafiz, Prem, Hunny Madu, Zher, Phat Fabes, Ben, Ivan and Guibo. Highlights of the video include hyper-mummy-to-be Hunny Madu bursting into a comical dance and Ivan and Zher spontaneously bursting out in the signature "Psy horse dance" in the middle of a crowded mall.


The new MSN PREVIEW is here!

MSN Preview