Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia(Courtesy of Galaxy)

4Minute taking the stage at the Korean Music Wave 2011 concert in Malaysia

It's been a long time coming that a concert that fed the appetites of Malaysian K-pop fans was made into reality. For die-hard fans, major K-pop concerts that have been held in Singapore in the last two years have been the only (and pricy) outlet for their passion. Luckily, Singaporean organisers Proof Label recognised the demand for such a concert to be held in Malaysian shores. Enter Korean Music Wave 2011 Kuala Lumpur - an extension of sorts to the major show that was held earlier this year in Singapore which featured 10 acts, the Malaysian version featured 7 of K-pop's finest.

The line up included the quasi-rock band FT Island, young but fast growing Teen Top, K-pop babes 4minute, the ever popular U-kiss, solo artist Park Jung Min, and breakaway solo and subgroup units Seungri and GD&TOP from Big Bang.

As the night kicked off, fans were treated to a taster of what was to come as two out of the four hosts were members of the band U-kiss. Kevin and Dongho played up to the calls and anticipation of the fans as they both hosted in English and Mandarin respectively.

First act of the night were FT Island, a band who has to be commended from straying from the usual K-pop boyband formula of an all-singing all-dancing group and instead opted to play their own instruments and music. It's been 4 years since the band have set foot in Malaysia so they really delivered a stellar performance.

Next up were the very young but surprisingly polished Teen Top who are made up of all the right ingredients of a successful K-pop boy group. All the members are teens like their name suggests and only debuted last year. Judging from the screams of "Saranghae!" and "Marry Me!" from excited pre-pubescent girls, these boys have already cut themselves a healthy fan base and performed songs such as 'Angel' and 'Supa Luv'.

The stage started to heat up when the only girl group of the night 4minute came on with their show of legs, hip grinds and cutesy expressions. Boy fans were treated to not only Kpop siren Hyuna and her band mate's suggestive hip-shakes but also their vocal prowess as they belted out hits such as 'Heart to Heart' and 'Hot Issue' while dancing in difficult shoes with surprising ease. One member's shoelaces even came untied but the girls went on with the show.

Probably the night's most anticipated boy band U-kiss were on stage next and riled up the crowd as they mentioned that they this was their third time in Malaysia and they seem to like it as it is already their second time here this year. They treat Malaysian fans to their track 'Neverland' which is performed for the very first time outside of Korea. After their performance the boys jet off to the airport leaving behind their hosting duties to the two other hosts, DJ Young from Korea's Arirang TV and MY fm's Jeff Chin.

As the night hurtles toward its big finish, two solo acts take the stage. First is Park Jung Min formerly from the band SS501. He gets the hearts of the fans with his soulful ballads and even reading out a BM message that said "Apa khabar semua orang. Kita akan buat yang terbaik untuk anda."

Fan excitement could be felt as Park Jung Min said his sorrowful goodbyes as the highlights of the night were about to come on. First up a little background on these acts; Seungri and GD&TOP are all part of Korean five member super group Big Bang. As the other two members were unavailable, the band split into two sub-units which consist of solo act Seungri who delivers pop tunes with a heavy dance influence while GD&TOP form a hip-hop and rap duo.

Seungri aka Victory took to the stage in a dapper suit and performed his sexy hits 'VVIP', 'Strong Baby' and 'What Can I Do?' When asked what he thought of Malaysian fans, he charmingly said that they were 'Bagus!' and that he was happy to get such a response as this is the first time he has been to Malaysia.

To end the night, his band mates GD&TOP burst on to the stage in funky technicolour jackets performing their hit 'Knock Out' which is a track mixed by LA DJ Diplo. They follow with their tracks 'Oh Yeah' and 'High High' which get even the moody boys in the back up from their seats and dancing!

As fans cheered for an encore the artists surprisingly did not come back on stage bringing KMW 2011 KL to a rather abrupt halt. Fans will just have to wait and see if the many concerts promised by the artists will be on the cards.

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