S3(Courtesy of Chee Minh)

When Korean super-group Super Junior promise to deliver they don't disappoint. This is their 2nd big concert in Malaysia and the boys of this 13 piece band were here to perform for one night only, in Stadium Putra, a collection of their hits from previous albums as well as songs from their sub-groups which they use to promote in targeted markets such as China and Taiwan.

Touring Malaysia as part of their 3rd Asia tour, the Super Show 3 kicked off last year in Seoul and has seen the group visit countries such as Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore and of course Kuala Lumpur to satiate the demands from their legion of fans who call themselves ELFs (Ever Lasting Fans). They will also be promoting their 4th album, Miinah which is chockablock with catchy dance-pop tunes that are targeted to win the hearts of the young and the young at heart.

Opening with their hit single Sorry Sorry which can be seen playing on loop on music channels across Asia, the tone was set for a night that included lots of costume changes, energetic dance moves and of course, the all important fan-servicing. The boys arrived on a rotating stage and even had some of their members get jacked up on trapeze strings to 'fly' into the adoring audience and sprinkle confetti over our heads. On our side of the stage, member Sungmin carried blue and white balloons (the bands official colours) and let them sail up into the sky while he glided down gently, while singing to the awestruck ELFs.

If that weren't enough, the fans were later treated to specially made skits that acted as introductions to Super Junior singles and each member of Super Junior including members from their sub-group Super Junior-M (the subgroup which sings in Mandarin for their China market) had individual performances be it dance or song. The Chinese members from Super Junior-M, Henry and Zhou Mi made special appearances and sang their Mandarin tracks while Henry, the only member of SuJu that speaks fluent English did his own Bieber impersonation.

Super Junior is also divided into a few other sub-groups namely Super Junior-T, Super Junior - K.R.Y and Super Junior - Happy. All of which are made up to suit the demand of different audiences...talk about catering to everything!

The Super Show went on to close with the members all dressing up as vegetables (yes, really! There was an entire salad on stage) and handing out signed or kissed plastic balls to the fans as souvenirs.

The Super Show 3 was put on by Singapore based organizers, Running Into The Sun who impressively threw the whole thing together in just over a month. The set up cost alone was a rumoured to be RM3.3 million which accounts for the theatrics that the show entailed. It has to be said that kudos should be given to both organisers and promoters for giving K-pop fans a rare treat as this was definitely one concert that will be hard to top for awhile.