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INTERVIEW: Tinsel Korey of ‘The Twilight Saga’

Twi-hards will recognise her as the scarred but beautiful Emily Young, the werewolf leader’s fiancée, but Tinsel is also an indie queen with a new movie and music single on the way.

INTERVIEW: Tinsel Korey of ‘The Twilight Saga’ (© Eye Behold Photography)

Tinsel Korey may not be a familiar name (yet!) but this Canadian singer/actress has made a mark in the indie scene, appearing in films like "Mothers and Daughters", "Hybrid", It Waits", "The Lookout" and of course, the big one - "The Twilight Saga", as Emily Young, fiancee to the werewolf leader.

We spoke to the 31-year-old about the appeal of 'Twilight' (she made a good point that it's probably all the hot guys!) and her music career, plus an upcoming movie with Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules").


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INTERVIEW: Tinsel Korey of ‘The Twilight Saga’ (© Eye Behold Photography)

When you first heard about 'Twilight', did you have any idea it would turn out to be this successful?

When my little sister brought it my attention, Twilight had just been released on film. So I didn't know how popular it was, it wasn't everywhere like how it is now. I actually don't think it was released internationally at that point yet.

Have you read the 'Twilight' books? What do you think is the appeal about vampires and shape shifters, especially the ones that fall in love with humans!

I have read the books. I think regardless of supernatural element; it's about love. And it was the first fantasy movie that was directed towards a female audience. Actually you know what I think the actual appeal's the hot guys! Joke...

INTERVIEW: Tinsel Korey of ‘The Twilight Saga’ (© Eye Behold Photography)

Your character Emily Young is heavily scarred in the movies. How long was the makeup process and was it tedious to go through?

I had three different make-up teams for each movie I've been in. The longest it ever took was 8 hours and the shortest was 2 hours. It's a process; I'm the first one in the make-up chair and the last one out. You just learn to meditate and understand it's part of the process. As long as it looked good, that's all that mattered to me.

You're also a songwriter. Which do you prefer - singing or acting?

Right now I prefer concentrating on my music over acting. I've done acting for so long that I like new challenges. I compose my own music and I can play piano and guitar. It's really healing to make music.

INTERVIEW: Tinsel Korey of ‘The Twilight Saga’ (© Eye Behold Photography)

You're a known presence in indie films. Is it very different now that you're in such a huge franchise like 'Twilight'?

The only main difference is the money put into production and publicity. The talent level I've found is the same. There are a lot of amazing independent films that no one knows about, because they don't have to budget for publicity.

You're also known for playing strong, indigenous roles. What other actresses do you look up to, that you consider strong role models for women?

I think Jennifer Podemski is a great role model. She's a great actress who has become a producer to create roles and opportunity for indigenous women. She always looks at the bright side and tries to come up with new innovative ideas when it comes to film/TV. I'd like to see her back in front of the screen again soon.

INTERVIEW: Tinsel Korey of ‘The Twilight Saga’ (© Eye Behold Photography)

Tell us more about your new film "Avarice"

It's a sci-fi thriller about lost souls who find this box that shows you what you really desire. But there's a keeper of the box played by Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules") and he wants it back. The cast was amazing, and the director is a visual FX master.

What else is in the works for you?

Well, right now I'm just focused on music. I'm going to release a music video for my first single "Letter" in the upcoming weeks, so I'm really excited about that. But for now if people are curious about the song they can see the live version of it on my YouTube page. Also the recorded version is on my website.


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