IZ and Liyana Jasmay stub out cigarettes(Facebook)

Local actress Liyana Jasmay ("Papadom") has put her name and talent to the 'ASAP' Anti-Smoking Campaign targeted at Malaysian youths, alongside actor/director Pierre Andre and singer/songwriter IZ.

The trio are leads in the short film "Cinta Akhir", directed by Aron Koh and supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. The10-minute movie uses film, music and storytelling to send the message about smoking among youths.

We spoke to ASAP's ambassador IZ and the film's lead actress Liyana Jasmay on their thoughts about smoking. All three stars and the director are non-smokers themselves and "Cinta Akhir" marks the first time Liyana has ever smoked. Don't worry, she didn't inhale as it was only acting!

Read on for our exclusive interview with IZ and Liyana Jasmay.

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